Tuesday, August 4, 2009


IHOOPU is zip zip zippin around! We just completed our 500th HOOP in the Pixie Hoop Workshop! Wow, I don't think I have ever made & decorated so many hoops in one week!
It really was an experience of embarking on a creative process. The first 20 hoops I stayed within the bounds of colors and patterns that I usually make. However, throughout the process my color preferences completely transformed. I got kind of sick of my faves and branched out into other colors of the spectrum, creating all kinds of new designs and color schemes that I had never thought of combining before. And to tape away next to 3 other hoopmakers was also interesting as we exchanged tips and learned from eachother. Our hands got a little achy by the 7th day and we were all dreaming of hoops...which isn't such a bad thing.

We are taking off today for Shambhala. Huliohoop & I have been rehearsing with Taalfiza (the resident pixiehoops DJ) We will be performing at the Labrynth Stage both Friday & Saturday so keep an eye open for us! We are working with material that was initially choreographed for the Tutu Hoop Dolls and has been revamped for a duo. We have also been working on a bunch of new material involving some acro-hoop-yoga spice!

We are very excited to set up the Hoop Shop which will be located in the vendor section of the Festival. Please come visit us because it is going to be quite spectacular with 500 hoops displayed on the walls of our 10X10 tent.

The next exciting even for IHOOPU is the HOOP FLAIR TOUR! Catch up with us in Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino & Comox starting August 17th. Pre-registration is mandatory so sign up now at http://pixiehoops.com/hoopworkshops.html

Nicole (aka Speedy Hoop) of Pixie Hoops and I have been hooping together since 2003. She will assist me in the Hoop Flair workshop as we help budding hoopers find their inner sparkle so they can shine from within their hoop! This workshop is open to all but geared towards intermediate to advanced hoopers. We will be going over difficult moves such as the Hooping Headstand, Jumps & Rolls with the hoop, tosses, tricky hoop dance moves & choreography and lots of upside down hooping!

Sign up now for the Hoop Flair Workshop on http://pixiehoops.com/hoopworkshops.html
Space is limited and registration is mandatory.

See you in the hoop!!

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