Monday, December 7, 2009

Hooping Insights

photo by KJ Bohème

I had the best hoop session I have had (I think) since Burning Man yesterday. It all started with this song I heard on (a great source for discovering new music). I listened to the song "vainqueur - elevation ii (reprise)" Saturday night before going to bed and then again on Sunday morning before teaching my class. I had a bunch of stuff to get done Sunday afternoon before my acro-yoga class, but I was feeling low energy and the sun was shining so I decided to go to the park for a hoop session rather than doing my laundry...hey who needs matching socks anyway? I put on my snowboarding gloves and space boots and went out in the 0 degree (celcius) weather to hoop. It was so energizing to hoop in the fresh air (despite the bitter cold wind) and the sun was shining. Inspired by last weekend hooping with Michele & the new song on my ipod I decided to practice breaks and isolations with subtle shoulder movements. I put the song on repeat and hooped like a wild woman for about 2 hours.

It seems since I returned in October from my epic adventure I have been rehearsing for a show or creating a choreography for the purpose of teaching, but rarely have I been hooping for myself...just cause I feel like it.

It is interesting how when we decide to make a career out of our hobby, it often becomes work, and it sometimes becomes challenging to find the innocence and play we once found in the activity...the reason I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to the hoop in the first place.

I like to think that I don't depend on music to inspire me to hoop. But I have to say, it definitely does help. It was also fun to have the challenge of the wind and wearing my gloves, both providing me with obstacles to add to my hoop practice, creating a more complex set of parameters for me to work under. Sometimes more limiting parameters yield higher creativity.

In conclusion, nothing beats hooping outside. Stay tuned for more outdoor hooping adventures! This year at burning man I was always hooping in the dust storms so why not hoop in a snow storm?

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  1. Hi- :) I love this picture, the bliss is so tangible. I'd like to include it in a hoop project I am doing but would like permission from you and KJ. Thanks, Erin (