Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hooping Journal

photo : vincent shine

Wow! December already! We are so are so busy at the IHOOPU Headquarters making hoops, getting ready for the holidays, working on new choreographies, and dreaming up new workshops to share with all of you!

Another exciting bit of news is that the IHOOPU Blog will now be used to document the IHOOPU Hoop Journal. Julian & I have started keeping hooping journals in order to document our progress in hooping. We would love to hear about your progress in hooping, so please send us news of your exciting developments so we can publish them on the IHOOPU Blog!

And be sure to check back often to see what is spiraling through our heads!

As some of you know the IHOOPU.COM website will be expanding in the New Year to include all of our newly trained team.

We want to hear about your hooping experiences. Please send us any stories you have about hooping, experiences you have had in an IHOOPU class or workshop, adventures you have gone on with your hoop. We will choose some of these hoop tales to be featured on the blog, in the newsletter and on the new website. Please feel free to include a photo of you with your hoop in some amazing place too!

We are also accepting requests for workshops on whatever hooping or hooping related topics you would like. Please send us your requests so we fulfill all your hooping needs!


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