Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Hoop Flow Fusion! Cultivating a multidimensional Hoop Practice

For me the holiday season represents a time of rest, renewal and preparation for the new year. I have taken this time to take a break from my intense training regimen of the fall of acrobatics, hoopdance and iyengar yoga to shift my focus towards deepening my yoga practice through vinyasa flow yoga (Shiva Rae Style) in preparation for my new job as a flow yoga teacher at Studio Bliss. I have also been reading and writing a lot about yoga, fitness and hooping in preparation for the upcoming ihoopu Teacher Training Program.

I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a holiday season filled with abundance, from colorful meals to warm family celebrations and travels from coast to coast. I am starting 2010 feeling strong and fully inspired for all the exciting projects that lie ahead of me. I am grateful for my friends & family, my city and of course my students.

I love the energy and feeling of renewal of each new year. My focus this year is presence and embodiment. My intention is to carry these words into every task, project and interaction that I embark on. It starts with every day tasks however, I hope to carry these principles into my dance, into my teaching, and most of all into my practice of hooping, yoga, and acrobatics.

This has been an extremely enriching process and has made me reflect on the element of fusion. From a young age I have always participated in many forms of dance such as ballet, jazz & tap, played several instruments including piano, violin, stand-up bass & clarinet and played competitive team sports. This combination of arts, rhythm and physical embodiment has given me the strength, flexibility & agility to do almost anything in my life

It is always important to have a teacher or guide when learning something new.
Not having a hoop teacher to guide me in my hooping practice, I sought out mentors in other physical fields to guide me. The main discipline being contemporary dance, followed closely by yoga gyrotonics and pilates.

In the fall my physical practice involved a combination of iyengar yoga, acrobatics, and hooping. In enjoyed this fusion because the acrobatics enabled me to push my limits and boundaries to observe my physical limitations, the hooping allowed me to find flow practice my choreographic skills, and the iyengar yoga created a space for me to replace my body into a healthy alignment, reconnect to the earth and respect my body.

Over the holidays I played with the fusion of hooping, hot yoga and vinysasa flow yoga. I often feel sluggish during the holidays but I found this combination helped open me up and keep me warm and liberated for the coming year. Hot yoga heats the body from the outside and vinyasa flow heats the body from the inside. It is extremely important to cultivate heat in these winter months in order to keep the joints lubricated an maintain our flow as hoopers. I wonder if anyone has ever tried 'hot room hooping'? I imagine it would be slippery, maybe we should stick to generating heat from the inside out!

Looking forward to the first hoopdance class of the session this coming Monday!

Happy hooping!!

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