Monday, December 7, 2009

Hooping Insights

photo by KJ Bohème

I had the best hoop session I have had (I think) since Burning Man yesterday. It all started with this song I heard on (a great source for discovering new music). I listened to the song "vainqueur - elevation ii (reprise)" Saturday night before going to bed and then again on Sunday morning before teaching my class. I had a bunch of stuff to get done Sunday afternoon before my acro-yoga class, but I was feeling low energy and the sun was shining so I decided to go to the park for a hoop session rather than doing my laundry...hey who needs matching socks anyway? I put on my snowboarding gloves and space boots and went out in the 0 degree (celcius) weather to hoop. It was so energizing to hoop in the fresh air (despite the bitter cold wind) and the sun was shining. Inspired by last weekend hooping with Michele & the new song on my ipod I decided to practice breaks and isolations with subtle shoulder movements. I put the song on repeat and hooped like a wild woman for about 2 hours.

It seems since I returned in October from my epic adventure I have been rehearsing for a show or creating a choreography for the purpose of teaching, but rarely have I been hooping for myself...just cause I feel like it.

It is interesting how when we decide to make a career out of our hobby, it often becomes work, and it sometimes becomes challenging to find the innocence and play we once found in the activity...the reason I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to the hoop in the first place.

I like to think that I don't depend on music to inspire me to hoop. But I have to say, it definitely does help. It was also fun to have the challenge of the wind and wearing my gloves, both providing me with obstacles to add to my hoop practice, creating a more complex set of parameters for me to work under. Sometimes more limiting parameters yield higher creativity.

In conclusion, nothing beats hooping outside. Stay tuned for more outdoor hooping adventures! This year at burning man I was always hooping in the dust storms so why not hoop in a snow storm?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hooping Journal

photo : vincent shine

Wow! December already! We are so are so busy at the IHOOPU Headquarters making hoops, getting ready for the holidays, working on new choreographies, and dreaming up new workshops to share with all of you!

Another exciting bit of news is that the IHOOPU Blog will now be used to document the IHOOPU Hoop Journal. Julian & I have started keeping hooping journals in order to document our progress in hooping. We would love to hear about your progress in hooping, so please send us news of your exciting developments so we can publish them on the IHOOPU Blog!

And be sure to check back often to see what is spiraling through our heads!

As some of you know the IHOOPU.COM website will be expanding in the New Year to include all of our newly trained team.

We want to hear about your hooping experiences. Please send us any stories you have about hooping, experiences you have had in an IHOOPU class or workshop, adventures you have gone on with your hoop. We will choose some of these hoop tales to be featured on the blog, in the newsletter and on the new website. Please feel free to include a photo of you with your hoop in some amazing place too!

We are also accepting requests for workshops on whatever hooping or hooping related topics you would like. Please send us your requests so we fulfill all your hooping needs!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Level 1 Hoopdance Workshop (Beginner-Intermediate) with Rebecca Halls & Julian Hughes

If you are a beginner hooper or even brand new to hooping this is the workshop for you. We will go over the fundamentals of hoopdance, learn and perfect basic tricks and manipulations of the hoop, and learn how to flow.

Sunday November 22nd

Pre-Registration Price: $50
Register now by sending paypal payment of to
cheques are also accepted by the post

Last Minute Registration Price:$75

Location: 4416 St. Laurent, suite 302


Level 2 Hoopdance Workshop (Inter-Advanced) with Rebecca Halls
Twins, Minis & Foot Hooping

If you've got the fundamentals down and want to perfect your hooping technique and learn some fancy new tricks this is the workshop for you! Wherever you are at in your hoopdance journey the Rebecca will help you achieve those tricks you've been stuck on for months. We will be focusing on hooping with twins, minis, doubles hooping, and foot hooping, depending on the level of the group we may even be learning my claim to fame: the hooping headstand!! You will definately leave with some new tricks up your sleeve!

Sunday November 22nd

Pre-Registration Price: $50
Register now by sending paypal payment of to
cheques are also accepted by the post.

Last Minute Registration Price:$75

Location: 4416 St. Laurent, suite 302


As Promised we have some very exciting workshops this month from visiting instructors all the way from Philadelphia!!

Creating the WOW in your hoopdance with visiting instructor Michele Clark
Saturday November 28th 2-4pm

The single most important WOW factor is you! We will work on creating character, style, and drama. We will learn about how to tie these these conceptual elements into our physical experience along with learning WOW moves and combos. Learn how crazy tricks are created and what principles are acting to make moves into 'tricks'. We will work with single and double hoops.

Contact Juggling Workshop with visiting instructor Jeff Calfato of the amazing Arche Dream Theatre!
Saturday November 28th 4-6pm

Jeff Calafato will be exploring the Basic Fundamentals of sphere
manipulation (Contact Juggling) and the hybridization of sphere manipulation with modern dance/ theater techniques (such as Break Dancing and archetypal mask movement). He will also be covering creative new theories in geometry, studies of the infinite planes on the body, unlocking parallel dimensions of consciousness in the focused now moment, magic illusions and isolations, performance therapy and practice, collaboration and play, the fusion of multiple performing arts disciplines w/ sphere manipulation, opening portals and speaking alien languages, everything you will need to rock the sphere for the rest of your life!

Pre-Registration Price:
$50 for one workshop
$80 for both workshops

Register now by sending paypal payment of to
cheques are also accepted by the post

Last Minute Registration Price:
$75 per workshop
$130 for both workshops

location: TBA...somewhere on the plateau

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Upcoming Workshops
hoop flair
Beginner Hoop Intensive

New to the Hoop? Want to learn all the tricks but can't make it to weekly classes? Learn the whole 6 week level 1 series in one jam-packed, fun-filled weekend!

Saturday October 10th & Sunday October 11th 2009
Pre-registration price $60
to reserve your place send paypal payment to
Day of the workshop: $40 per day or $75 for both days.

Advanced Hoop Intensive

I am freshly returning to Montreal after a 2 month Hoop Extravaganza. Come get your hoop on and spice up your style with freshly acquired west coast tricks! We will be working on advanced hoop tricks, acrobatics, isolations, and twin hooping. A great workshop to prepare you for the visiting teacher Michele Clark that will be coming in November.

Saturday October 10th & Sunday October 11th 2009
Pre-registration price $60
to reserve your place send payment to
Day of the workshop: $40 per day or $75 for both days.

$40 for a regular IHOOPU Hoop
$30 for a IHOOPU performance Hoop, or 2 for $50!!

IHOOPU Teacher Training

hooptrainings Become a certified Hoopdance Instructor! Learn how to teach the fundamental hoop moves to a group. Become part of the IHOOPU teacher's community with a teacher's profile on the IHOOPU website. This 30 hour training program will prepare you to teach the IHOOPU 6 week beginner series.

Cost: $399
Date & Times:
Friday November 20th 6-9pm
Saturday November 21st 10-6pm
Sunday November 22nd 10-6pm

Send an email to to apply. We will send you the application form.
Space is limited to 6 participants in order to maintain a quality learning environment. Apply early to avoid disappointment.

spin cycle Spin Cycle Camp 2009, Burning Man

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hotel No Tell Surf Party

IHOOPU Featured at Nike 6.0 Surf Party in San Diego
Sunday was the sneak peak preview of Taylor Steele's new surf film Modern Collective. We were lucky enough to be hooping at this VIP surf party. Check it out on the Motel No Tell Nike 6.0 Blog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming Workshops

Beginner Hoop Intensive
Saturday October 10th & Sunday October 11th 2009
Pre-registration price $60
to reserve your place send payment to

Advanced Hoop Intensive
Saturday October 10th & Sunday October 11th 2009
Pre-registration price $60
to reserve your place send payment to

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


IHOOPU is zip zip zippin around! We just completed our 500th HOOP in the Pixie Hoop Workshop! Wow, I don't think I have ever made & decorated so many hoops in one week!
It really was an experience of embarking on a creative process. The first 20 hoops I stayed within the bounds of colors and patterns that I usually make. However, throughout the process my color preferences completely transformed. I got kind of sick of my faves and branched out into other colors of the spectrum, creating all kinds of new designs and color schemes that I had never thought of combining before. And to tape away next to 3 other hoopmakers was also interesting as we exchanged tips and learned from eachother. Our hands got a little achy by the 7th day and we were all dreaming of hoops...which isn't such a bad thing.

We are taking off today for Shambhala. Huliohoop & I have been rehearsing with Taalfiza (the resident pixiehoops DJ) We will be performing at the Labrynth Stage both Friday & Saturday so keep an eye open for us! We are working with material that was initially choreographed for the Tutu Hoop Dolls and has been revamped for a duo. We have also been working on a bunch of new material involving some acro-hoop-yoga spice!

We are very excited to set up the Hoop Shop which will be located in the vendor section of the Festival. Please come visit us because it is going to be quite spectacular with 500 hoops displayed on the walls of our 10X10 tent.

The next exciting even for IHOOPU is the HOOP FLAIR TOUR! Catch up with us in Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino & Comox starting August 17th. Pre-registration is mandatory so sign up now at

Nicole (aka Speedy Hoop) of Pixie Hoops and I have been hooping together since 2003. She will assist me in the Hoop Flair workshop as we help budding hoopers find their inner sparkle so they can shine from within their hoop! This workshop is open to all but geared towards intermediate to advanced hoopers. We will be going over difficult moves such as the Hooping Headstand, Jumps & Rolls with the hoop, tosses, tricky hoop dance moves & choreography and lots of upside down hooping!

Sign up now for the Hoop Flair Workshop on
Space is limited and registration is mandatory.

See you in the hoop!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Greetings from the West! Day 1 of the Hoop Flair Tour has begun! I am pleased to announce that while I am away the IHOOPU teachers will continue to teach hoop classes.

Here is the summer schedule:

Mondays & Wednesdays
Parc Lafontaine

Wednesdays 3-4pm
Panico Studios 5445 de Gaspe

Fridays 6:30-7:30pm
YMCA du Parc
with KIM MOK

hoop orders


Keep on Hoopin'

*Beka Hoop*

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new LED's for sale

All the LED hoop parts have come in and construction is beginning as I write this post. Check out the hoop troupe at the Jazz Festival showing off the new LED's to the public, July 9,10 and 11.

Don't forget to buy your iHoopU LED hoop before we sell out. limited supply for the summer.

Monday, June 29, 2009


There will be a free hoop class tomorrow 8-9pm.

Come on down and get your hoop on!

4416 St. Laurent (just south of mt royal)
Studio 302

Please pre-register by sending an email subject line "FREE HOOP CLASS" to
to be sure we have enough hoops for all!

See you then!

Monday, June 22, 2009

tutu hoop doll practice vid

hey tutu hoop dolls! now you can practice the choreo!

see you in rehearsal tomorrow!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hoop Jam & Workshop

Exciting news!

This Saturday there will be a Hoop Jam hosted by teacher trainee Cath Marier!

Come down to Parc Lafontaine and get your hoop on with the Cath and the Montreal Hoop Community! Cath will be sharing some tips on hooping for beginner and intermediate hoopers.

There will be a few hoops available for use but please bring your own if you have one to avoid disapointment!

WHERE:PARC LAFONTAINE (near the statue of Felix Leclerc)
*cancelled in case of rain*

Next Saturday June 27th there will be WORKSHOP!

POI for HOOPERS with Johnathan Poi Spinner Extra-ordinaire!
Many of the off the body hoop moves come from poi. All hoopers could benefit from a workshop that breaks down the fundamentals of poi in order to better understand the mechanics of our hoops. This workshop will help you with your off the body hoop moves, increase your agility and vocabulary with the hoop. Johnathan is one of the most saught after poi spinners in Montreal. We are pleased to have him help out the ihoopu gang understand the mechanics of poi to eventually transfer to poi-hooping.
WHERE: PARC LAFONTAINE (near statue Felix)
HOW MUCH?: $10 if you pre-register, $15 on the spot
to register send an email to with "poi workshop" in the subject line

Hope to see you soon in the HOOP!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New for IHOOPU ... LED hoops!!!!...

is now selling LED HOOPS!

OMG!!! BIG SAVINGS when you pre-order by Monday June 22nd

Custom Designed IHOOPU LED HOOP

Choice of Color & Number of LEDs (12 or 18)

Color Options:
white, blue, green, aqua, red, yellow, pink, violet, uv, tricolor (color changing!)

Special Price of only $100 (will be selling for $175 - $200 as of June 23rd)


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey Hoopers,

One of the IHOOPU teachers in training, Kelli Hanrahan, will be hosting a HOOP JAM today at Parc Lafontaine.

There will be music and a couple extra hoops, but if you have your own hoop please bring it!!

cost: FREE
location:parc lafontaine (the usual spot rachel side of the parc between brebeuf & calixa-lavaillé)

Don't forget about the performance tonight at Studio 303! Come see your fellow hoopers hoop it up!

Buy your tickets online before (saturday) at noon for only $5 instead of $10 at the door! studio

Acheter les billets sur le web avant (samedi) midi s'ils veulent profiter du tarif pré-vente à 5$. Les billets seront au coût de 10$ à la porte 30 minutes avant le spectacle.

Hoop to see you there!!

June 13th at 7pm & 9pm : Danse pour tous
A show featuring the evening classes participants : Hoopdance, African dance, Contemporary dance and yogadance.

I will be peforming with H.O.T. almost every night this week at the Montreal Fringe Festival. 10pm at the outdoor beer tent. Come see me spin my fire hoop!! whoop whoop!

Monday, June 8, 2009

performance class starts June 16th!

Hi All,

Just a note that the performance class starts June 16th (next week) rather than this week!

Monday Parc Classes also start next week ... because we still have 1 more week @ studio 303!!

See you in the hoop!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

June Hoopnews

May was an exciting month with the Beginner Intensive and Performance Hoop Intensive and of course Hoop Convergence in North Carolina.

As the weather warms up I am beginning to see more and more people with hoops around the city. This warms my heart as you all know how much I love to hoop!

June has started off well, IHOOPU has 4 teachers in training so you will see them helping out around class and jams and eventually teaching some of the IHOOPU classes late in the summer and fall.

We are about to begin the summer schedule which entails lots of outdoor hooping! Look out Montreal we are going to take over the parks!!

The plus side of park-hooping is there are no ceilings to limit the heights at which we can toss our hoops into the sky, the down side being the coming of the rains will mean class is canceled. So pray to the sun gods!! Check below for all the classes going on throughout June & July!

If the weather is iffy, consult twitter to see if class is on or off on the given day.

Summer Hoop Schedule
Wednesday June 10th - Friday July 24th
All park (outdoor) classes are **weather dependent**
check the weather report, or step outside... if the ground is wet class is canceled...or consult TWITTER

Beginner Hoopdance
Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7pm Parc Lafontaine

Wednesdays 3-4pm Panico Studio (starts june 17th)

Intermediate/Advanced Hoopdance
Mondays 7-8pm Parc Lafontaine

Performance Class (with the Hoop)
Thursdays 6pm-7pm Parc Jean Mance
***Starts June 16th***

All Levels Hoopdance
Fridays 6:30-7:30pm YMCA du Parc

Yoga Classes
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12:30-2pm Panico Studio (Starts June 15th)

Tuesdays 5:30-7pm, Kinesphere

Specialty Workshops / Events / Jams
Saturdays 4:30pm, Parc Lafontaine
consult the BLOG for workshop details

Class Locations:
PARC LAFONTAINE: Brebeuf & Rachel
PARC JEAN-MANCE: Rachel & (between Jean Mance & Ave du Parc)
PARC ST VIATEUR: From the Parc Y, head west on st.Viateur till you hit the
PANICO STUDIO: 5445 de Gaspé, suite 313
KINESPHERE: 1565 Mt Royal Est, coin Fabre

Cost & Packages for Park Classes
Drop-in = $15 / class
1 X week = $12 / class (six weeks = $72)
2 X week = $10 / class (six weeks = $120)
For Studio Classes please consult directly with studio.
If you are registered in a class and we get rained out you can make-up the class on another day within the session (June 10th-July 24th)

Student Performance!

hooptrainings We have a show next week at studio 303. We will be rehearsing all week so if you are familiar with the beginner hoop moves and want to be part of the show let me know!

If you can't be in the show, please come watch!!

Next Saturday June 13th 19h & 21h
372 ste Cath O. Studio 303
Billets Pré-vente: $5 ou $10 à la porte
infos: 514 393 3771 pour plus d'infos

Rehearsal times are as follows:

Saturday June 6 4:30-6pm PARC LAFONTAINE
Monday June 8th 5:30-7:30pm STUDIO 303 (we will work on the piece in class
and then stay later...)
Wednesday June 10th 4:30-6pm PARC LAFONTAINE
Thursday June 11th 4:30-6pm PARC JEAN-MANCE
Friday June 12th 4:30-6pm PARC ST. VIATEUR

Saturday June 13th SHOWTIME!!
performers must arrive at 3:30pm for rehearsal/tech run in the space.

rehearsal LOCATIONS:
PARC LAFONTAINE: Brebeuf & Rachel
PARC JEAN-MANCE: Rachel & (between Jean Mance & Ave du Parc)
PARC ST VIATEUR: From the Parc Y, head west on st.Viateur till you hit the

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Hoop Schedule

Hello Hoopers!

Summer is here! Time to infiltrate the parks with hoopiness!!

Class is ON tomorrow @ 430pm in Parc Lafontaine. BYOH (bring your own hoop).

Next week we will transition to the summer hoopclass schedule


Parc Lafontaine
6-7pm Beginner Hoopdance
7-8pm Inter/Adv Hoopdance

Parc Lafontaine
6-7pm Beginner Hoopdance

Parc Jean Mance
4-6pm Open Jam
6-7pm Performance Hoop Class

Ymca du Parc
6:30-7:30pm All Levels Class

Specialty Workshops & Monthly Hoop Jams

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hoop Convergence!

Hey Hoopers! I am having an amazing time here at Hoop Convergence. I am learning so much about hooping I can't even begin to explain it all. Acro Hoop Yoga, Hoop Choreography, Flamenco Hoopdance........ We had a fire jam last night and I had the honor of performing alongside some of this planet's most stunning performers. Hoopers who had never spun fire also had the opportunity to spin. One of the most touching moments of the whole evening was when one woman went into the fire circle, her first time ever spinning a hoop on fire. She stood there holding the hoop looking absolutely petrified. She looked very hesitant to start spining the hoop standing within the flames, just when she was about to give up everyone began cheering 'spin it, spin it!' Finally she took the hoop to the back of her waist and began spinning it and proceeded to totally rock out with the fire hoop around her waist. Her performance brought tears to my eyes. It was so beautiful.

The workshops have been absolutely amazing. This morning we learned about native hoopdance, followed by a workshop on tandem hooping (two people in one hoop) and then finally a workshop on the chakra system & hooping and sustained spinning. I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many great people from all over North America. There are about 10 Canadians here so it is great to connect with people from across our country. My perspective on hooping has definitely broadened. This is such a wonderful community of conscious minded creative people and I am so happy to be a part of it.

lots and lots of hoop love!


Friday, May 1, 2009


Come out to Parc Lafontaine this Saturday 6-8pm for the Spring Hoop Jam.

We will congregate in the parc near the statue, enter the parc from the Rachel side near Brébeuf and you should see us.

Jam will be cancelled in the case of unfavorable weather (wet grass/rain)

Hoop to see you!

google maps, copy and paste to find us:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Intensives & Workshops

Intensives / Workshops

Learn the Fundamentals of HoopDance in an Intensive weekend. In this workshop we will cover the Basic Hoop Moves covered in the Beginner 6 week series. There will be lots of time and space to practice, you will leave feeling confident with your hoop and be able to show your new tricks to your friends! Excellent for newbie / beginner Hoopers
May 23 & 24
$60 for both days
$35 for 1 day
Registration required. To register send an email to


Advanced Hoop Moves, Hoop Choreography, Hooping with a Troupe, Performance Skills, Yoga, Flexibility and Acrobatics with the Hoop and Much Much More! A great way to prepare for the Montreal Hoop Troupe Auditions. Registration Required, Space is Limited. Please email me to reserve your place.
Dates to be confirmed based on participant's availability.
May 26th to 29th 6:30-9:30pm
May 30th 12-2pm
Registration required. To register send an email to


June 2, 16, 23, 30th 2009
Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:30pm (except June 9th)
One weekend intensive June 5th, 6th & 7th

Included in the program you will
  • Learn how to structure an hour long HoopDance class
  • Improve your hoop HoopMove communication and demonstration skills
  • Receive a document outlining the level one IHOOPU syllabus
  • Learn about Anatomy specific to Hooping
  • Become part of the Hoop Teacher Network and be listed on the IHOOPU website as a certified Hoop Instructor
  • Learn how to make your own hoops
  • Take part in a teaching apprenticeship (weekly ihoopu classes)
**maximum of 6 participants reserve your place in advance by sending an email to

.............en français.................

Apprennez les movements fondamentales du Hoopdanse dans un fin de semaine intensive. Vous apprendrez les Moves Basic qui sont couvert dans le serie Débutant de 6 semaines. Il y aura beaucoup de temp et d'espace pour pour pratiquer et sentir comfortable avec le cerceau et vos nouveau trucs. Excellent pour les hoopers vierge / débutant
23 & 24 Mai
12 h à 15 h
$60 pour les deux jours
$35 pour un jour
Inscription requise. Pour vous inscrire envoyez un couriel à


Mouvements de hoop avancés, chorégraphie avec le hoop, hooping au sein d'une troupe, habiletés en performance, yoga, flexibilité et acrobatie en utilisant un hoop.
Une excellente façon pour se préparer aux auditions pour la troupe de hoop de Montréal!
Inscription requise, places limitées. S.V.P. envoyez-moi un couriel pour réserver votre place et m'indiquer vos dates de disponibilité. Les dates seront confirmées bientôt, selon la disponibilité des participants.
26-29 mai
ainsi que 30 mai 12h-14h (samedi)
Inscription requise. Pour vous inscrire envoyez un couriel à

2 au 30 juin 2009
Les mardis, de 18 h 30 à 19 h 30 (sauf le 9 juin)
Fin de semaine intensive 5, 6, 7 juin
Dans cette formation vous:
  • Apprendrez comment structurer une classe de hula hoop
  • Ameliorerez vos outils de communication et de demonstration des hoopmoves fondamentales
  • Recevrez un document avec tous l'info requis pour enseigner
    le programme niveau 1 cours d'IHOOPU
  • Apprendrez l'anatomie corporel du hula hoop
  • Apprendrez à fabriquer vos propres cerceaux
  • Participerez dans un stage d'enseignment (cours IHOOPU)
  • Deviendrez parti du communauté de professeurs du Hoop
**maximum de 6 participant reservez en avance

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekly Hoop Classes


Mondays = Hoopie Days!!
2 classes back 2 back!!

1565 Mt Royal East, corner Fabre
April 8th - June 1st (NO classes May 9, 16)
Saturdays 16h30-18h

Session prices
1X per week $90

If the weather is really good we may end up in parc lafontaine just east of the studio on Mt Royal.

5550 du Parc, corner st. Viateur
Friday Night Hoop Class
As usual the Friday Y class continues
Same Time Same Place
6:30-7:30pm every Friday
Classes are included in Y membership.

HoopDance @ Studio 303
April 20th-June 8th
Mondays 17h30-18h45
NO CLASS May 11th and 18th
Drop in $15
6 week session price $72 ($12/class)
End of session performance at Studio 303 June 12th
Studio 303 is located DOWNTOWN in the Belgo Building, 372 Ste Catherine W. (corner of Bleury, Metro Place des Arts) third floor, suite 303.

.......en français..........

Les lundis des hoopers!
Deux cours consécutifs!!

1565 Mt Royal East, coin Fabre
13 avril - 1 juin (Pas de cours 9, 11, 16, 18 mai)
samedi 16h30-18h

Inscription Requise

Prix :
1 cours par semaine $90

S'il fait chaud c'est possible qu'on se déplace au Parc Lafontaine.

5550 du Parc
Cours de Hoopdanse chaque Vendredi
vendredi 18h30-19h30
Les cours sont inclus dans l'abonnement au Y

HoopDanse au Studio 303
20 Avril-8 Juin
Lundi 17h30-18h45
Relâche 11, 18 mai
Drop-in $15
Session de 6 semaines $72 ($12/classe)
Spectacle de fin de session le 12 juin.
Le Studio 303 est situé au CENTRE-VILLE dans l'edifice Belgo, 372 Ste Catherine O. (au coin de Bleury) metro Place des Arts, 3e étage, local 303

Friday, March 27, 2009


I performed tonight at the last ever Concordia Contemporary Dance Cabaret. I have been part of the dance program for three years but never had the chance to perform at the Cabaret because I always teach my wonderful Friday night Hoop Class at the Y. It was the last one so I decided to make the trek out to NDG.

Wow, I was so impressed! The performances were excellent, and I received some really great feedback from the contemporary dance crowd.

I am working on a new piece at the moment with Classical Guitarist Etienne Simard. We have been rehearsing for a month and will be presenting a show next Saturday at Rad'a. At the Cabaret I presented an excerpt. Unfortunately, Etienne could not be there so I performed to the recorded version of the piece he will play.

It was interesting how different it is to hoopdance to the recording than with a live musician. I feel like the live musical exchange really opens up my dance. Even though my dance is choreographed, it unravels in an endless spiral when I perform it with Etienne. It feels much more alive to be able to converse with a musician through my hoop. With the recording I felt very bound to the choreography and set movements as if there was no room for endless flow. I recommend to all the hoopers out there...if you can hoop with live musicians it is ideal! A guitarist, a drummer, a scratchmaster...whatever music you fancy, just be sure it's something than can be manipulated in response to your dance. Through this collaboration I have found new dynamics in my movement with the hoop.

All the theatre and dance students were dazzled and they all want to try hooping now. Hooray for the growing hoop community!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Montreal Hooping

Welcome to the ihoopu blogspot!

What an honor it is to be serving the Montreal Hoop Community with upcoming events occurring in the Montreal Hooping Scene.

We just enjoyed a wonderful week with Miss Saturn and Pinkie Special visiting us from New York and France! They generously shared all their trickiest moves with us for a week long workshop at Studio 303. Just the first of many hooping workshops coming to Montreal this spring.

Miss Saturn dazzled us with her extreme control of the multiple hoops, and Pinkie with her sultry slow hooping and burlesque expertise!

It was so great to see hoopers of all different backgrounds and levels develop their hoops skills over the course of the week. Everyone had something to share with the group.

Thanks to Veronique for coming all the way from Gaspé for the workshop and sharing your hoop-poi knowledge with us.
Etienne, great job! I can't wait to see your trombone-hula hoop act!
Caitlin, newbie hooper, ripped it up all week with us!
Nathalie, it was wonderful as always to have your lovely yogic energy and healing hands in the class.
Lore, WOW! only six months into hooping and already doing multiple arm hooping!
Sabine, thanks for your spectacular LED hoop performance and the champagne!
Kelly, thanks for letting us try out your aluminium hoops, definitely a new experience!
Susan found continuous flow with waist hooping, I can't wait to hear about your explorations with your new hoop.
Catherine, welcome to the hoop community, i hope to see you in the hoop once again!
Peter, you were only with us for a day, but you got the Vortex!!

I look forward to hooping with all of you again soon!


new website

Check out our new website.

A wealth of information providing for the Montreal Hoop Community!