Saturday, March 21, 2009

Montreal Hooping

Welcome to the ihoopu blogspot!

What an honor it is to be serving the Montreal Hoop Community with upcoming events occurring in the Montreal Hooping Scene.

We just enjoyed a wonderful week with Miss Saturn and Pinkie Special visiting us from New York and France! They generously shared all their trickiest moves with us for a week long workshop at Studio 303. Just the first of many hooping workshops coming to Montreal this spring.

Miss Saturn dazzled us with her extreme control of the multiple hoops, and Pinkie with her sultry slow hooping and burlesque expertise!

It was so great to see hoopers of all different backgrounds and levels develop their hoops skills over the course of the week. Everyone had something to share with the group.

Thanks to Veronique for coming all the way from Gaspé for the workshop and sharing your hoop-poi knowledge with us.
Etienne, great job! I can't wait to see your trombone-hula hoop act!
Caitlin, newbie hooper, ripped it up all week with us!
Nathalie, it was wonderful as always to have your lovely yogic energy and healing hands in the class.
Lore, WOW! only six months into hooping and already doing multiple arm hooping!
Sabine, thanks for your spectacular LED hoop performance and the champagne!
Kelly, thanks for letting us try out your aluminium hoops, definitely a new experience!
Susan found continuous flow with waist hooping, I can't wait to hear about your explorations with your new hoop.
Catherine, welcome to the hoop community, i hope to see you in the hoop once again!
Peter, you were only with us for a day, but you got the Vortex!!

I look forward to hooping with all of you again soon!


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  1. Hey!! im looking for a hoola hoop performer in Montreal for Feb 27th. Can you help me?